USAID – STAR ENERGY Collaboration

USAID-USC-Star Energy-ITB Collaboration


USAID–USC–Star Energy–ITB Collaboration result in an advisory board for Magister Program in Geothermal Technology ITB and several tasks to be accomplished during the project phase, as follow:

  • ITB Geothermal Seminar: ITB as the host will organize three seminars per year. The seminar will be organized by ITB and Star Energy. USC and STAR Energy may participate in this seminar through video conference.Prospective speakers of this seminar are from various geothermal industries. Two speakers will be invited to each seminar. Expected participants are up to 150. This seminar is free of charge (sponsored by this program).
  • Attendance in conferences, seminars, and workshops for ITB faculty and students
  • Short Courses:
    • Introduction to Geothermal System and Technology
    • Detailed Exploration Select a Test Site for Geothermal Resources