Magister in Exploration

Magister in Geothermal Technology Specialized in Exploration

The Master Degree Program in Geothermal Technology of ITB consists of two majors:

  • Exploration Program.
  • Engineering Program.

Students who choose exploration program as their major will focus their program of study on geothermal energy exploration, covering Geology Structure, Petrology, Hidrology, Volcano-Stratigraphy, Geoythermal Geochemistry and Geophysics.

Program for the first semester:

  • PB5001 Geothermal System and Technology (Sistem dan Teknologi Panas Bumi)
  • PB5002 Volcanology and Geothermal System (Volkanologi dan Sistem Panas Bumi)
  • PB5003 Exploration of Geology Geothermal (Eksplorasi Geologi Panas Bumi)
  • PB5004 Analysis of Geothermal Enviroment (Analisis Lingkungan Panas Bumi)

Program for the second semester:

  • GL5043 Rock Alteration (Alterasi Batuan)
  • PB5007 Geochemistry Exploration for Geothermal (Eksplorasi Geokimia Panas Bumi)
  • PB5008 Eksplorasi Geofisika Panas Bumi (Geothermal Geophysical Exploration)

Program for the third semester:

  • PB6009 Management and Economics of Geothermal (Manajemen dan Ekonomi Panas Bumi)
  • Elective Course 1
  • Elective Course 2

Program for the fourth semester:

  • PB6013 Evaluation of Geothermal Prospect (Evaluasi Prospek Panas Bumi)
  • Pb6099 Final Project (Proyek Akhir)

Elective Course Offered by the Program of Study of Geothermal Technology:

  • PB6015 Monitoring and Expansion of Geothermal Production
  • PB5014 Microseismology
  • PB6016 Geochemistry of Geothermal Gas

Elective Course Offered by Other Program of Study of Geology and Geophysics

  • GL5014 Fracture and Geomechanic
  • GL5001 Modelling Geology
  • GL5032 Mineral Chemistry
  • GL5033 Isotope Geochemistry
  • GL5045 Geostatistic
  • GL5212 Geology Remote Sensing
  • TG6012 Gravity and Magnetic Method
  • TG6021 Geoelectrical Method
  • TG6022 Electromagnetic Method
  • TG6001 Selected Topics in Geophysics
  • AT6016 Hidrology for Geothermal