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Research Collaboration
List of Research Collaboration
No. Collaboration Year
1 GEOCAP Geothermal Capacity Building Program Indonesia-Netherland Consortium. Netherland Consortium-LAPI ITB 2014-2017



Project Collaboration

Since 1990 ITB has been involved in various geothermal projects. Collaboration is mostly with PERTAMINA.


List of Geothermal Project
No. Projects Year
1 Feasibility Study of Ulumbu and Metaloko Geothermal Power Plants Project Finance By PLN Budget. PT Kwarsa Hexagon – LAPI ITB 2016-2017
2 Services Evaluation Study Prospects and Future Plans WKP Geothermal Arjuno Wilerang. PT GEODIPA ENERGY – LAPI ITB 2016-2017
4 Feasibility of Mineral Exploration Drilling in the Vicinity of Geothermal System. PT LAPI ITB – PT AR (G-Resources) 2014-2016
5 Montelago 3D Reservoir, Resource Asessement and Well Targeting. Emerging Power-LAPI ITB 2014-2016
6 Quick Scan Study of Hot Sedimentary Aquifer in Jakarta. PERTAMINA CORPORATE-LAPI ITB 2014
7 Structural Geological Mapping and Delineation of Permeability of Patuha Field. GEODIPA-LAPI ITB 2014
8 Geochemical Survey of Graho Nyabo Geothermal Prospect, Jambi. TBU – EDC 2013
9 Asessment of Tenerife Island Geothermal Prospect. If Technology – Repsol 2013
10 Preliminary Survey Stages of Mt Galunggung Geothermal Prospect. Kinan Energy – LAPI ITB 2012-2013
11 Exploration of Montelago Geothermal Project, Mindoro Philipines. Emerging Power Consortium (Phillipines-Netherland) – LAPI ITB 2012-2013
12 Remote Sensing Study of Gede Pangrango Geothermal Prospect. PERTAMINA (Persero) 2013
13 Geothermal Reservoir Assessment of Lahendong. PT LAPI ITB – PT PERTAMINA Geothermal Kamojang 2012-2013
14 Geothermal Reservoir Assessment of Kamojang. PT LAPI ITB – PT PERTAMINA Geothermal Kamojang 2012
15 Geothermal Exploration Overview of Katwe Prospect Uganda (a desk study). IF Technology Consortium – Netherland and LAPI ITB 2012
16 Geothermal Prospect Evaluation in Java and Bali. PT LAPI ITB – PT PERTAMINA (Persero) 2011-2012
17 Geochemistry of Sidoarjo Mud Volcano. ITB – BPLS 2011
18 Geothermal Exploration of Rajabasa and Rantaudadap, Sumatera. LAPI ITB – SUPREME ENERGY 2011
19 Geothermal Exploration of Muaralaboh, Sumatera. LAPI ITB – SUPREME ENERGY 2010
20 Geothermal Geochemical Exploration of Simbolon-Samosir, North Sumatera. PT Optima Nusantara Energy 2010
21 Numerical Modeling of Kamojang, Sibayak, and Lahendong Geothermal Field Development. LAPI ITB – PERTAMINA GEOTHERMAL 2009
22 Numerical Modeling of Wayang Windu Geothermal Field Development. LAPI ITB – STAR ENERGY / MAGMA NUSANTARA LIMITED 2008-2009
23 Determination of Drilling Pad, Modeling/Design and Reconstruction of Exploration Well for Accelerating Geothermal Development in Sulawesi Island, Gada Energi ITB, Minerba Pabum MEMR Indonesia 2008-2009
24 Evaluation of Geothermal Cisolok-Cisukarame, Tampomas and Tangkuban Perahu. Tender Document Preparation, BUMD Jabar 2008
25 Reservoir Simulation of Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 2006
26 Reservoir Simulation of Lahendong Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 2006
27 Upgrading Management Information System of Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 2004
28 Valuation of Geothermal Resources in West Java, A Study for West Java Energy and Mining Office 2003
29 Reserve Re-evaluation of Sarulla Geothermal Project, North Sumatera, for PERTAMINA 2003
30 Re-Evaluation Techno-Economics of Wayang Windu (West Java) Geothermal Field (Work for PERTAMINA 2003
31 Development of Smart Tough2 (Tough2 Post Processor) & Tough2 Interface and their Application for Analyzing Reservoir at Kamojang Field, PERTAMINA 2002
32 Development of Integrated Reservoir Information System of Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 2000
33 Interference Test in Sibayak (North Sumatere) Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1998
34 Data Preparation and Software Application for Simulating the Behavior of Lahendong Geothermal Field. PERTAMINA 1997
35 Reservoir Simulation Study for Electrical Power Expansion of Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1996
36 Well bore Simulation for Investigating the Possibility of Drilling Big hole at Lahendong Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1996
37 Reservoir Simulation Study for Applying Big holes in Sibayak Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1995
38 Sibayak Interference Test Interpretation, PERTAMINA 1995
39 Wellbore Simulation for Investigating the Possibility of Drilling Big hole at Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1994
40 Reservoir Simulation Study for The Re-injection of Condensed Water in Kamojang Geothermal Field. PERTAMINA 1993
41 Geothermal Reservoir Simulation Study for Dieng Field, PERTAMINA 1992
42 Interference Tests at Kamojang Geothermal Field, PERTAMINA 1990