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Magister in Engineering

Magister in Geothermal Technology Specialized in Engineering
The Master Degree Program in Geothermal Technology of ITB consists of two majors:

  • Exploration Program.
  • Engineering Program.

Students who choose engineering programs as their major will focus their program of study on exploitation and utilization of geothermal energy, covering Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Technique, Well Testing, Production Engineering, Monitoring Technique, Utilization of Geothermal Energy, both for power generation and for direct uses.

Program for the first semester:

  • PB5001 Geothermal System and Technology (Sistem dan Teknologi Geotermal)
  • PB5005 Heat and Mass Transfer (Perpindahan Panas dan Massa)
  • PB5006 Geothermal Reservoir Engineering (Teknik Reservoir Geotermal)
  • PB6020 Direct Use of Geothermal Energy (Pemanfaatan Langsung Energi Geotermal)

Program for the second semester:

  • PB5099 Leadership Development Program (Program Pengembangan Kepemimpinan)
  • PB5013 Research Methodology (Metodologi Penelitian)
  • PB5011 Geothermal Production Engineering (Teknik Produksi Geotermal)
  • PB5012 Geothermal Engineering Utilization (Teknik Utilisasi Geotermal)
  • PB5009 Geothermal Management and Economics (Manajemen dan Ekonomi Geotermal)

Program for the third semester:

  • PB6098 Thesis Proposal (Proposal Tesis)
  • PB6013 Evaluation of Geothermal Prospect (Evaluasi Prospek Geotermal)
  • PB5010/ PB6017 Drilling Plan and Operation / Geothermal Reservoir Simulation
  • PB6019 Geothermal Power Plant
  • PB6015 Geothermal Reservoir Management (Manajemen Reservoir Geotermal)

Program for the fourth semester:

  • PB6099 Thesis