New advisory board has been appointed for geothermal study program

An advisory board for Magister Program in Geothermal Technology ITB has been appointed by Rector ITB (SK No. 1128/11.C04/SK/PP/2012) to provide directions in planning of activity program, curriculum, research and industry collaboration. The board consists of 10 representative persons from industry, government institution, and geothermal association.

Head of Advisory Board: Dr.Ir. R Sukhyar (Head of Geological Agency - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources)

Member of Advisory Board:

  1. R. Herman Damel lbrahim, M.Sc (Member of National Energy Board (DEN) and Board member of Directors (BOD) from International Geothermal Association)
  2. Surya Darma, MBA.,Geotherm En.Tech. (Member of National Research Board (DEN) - Ministry of Research and Technology)
  3. Ir. Slamet Riyadi, M.T. (Director of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy)
  4. Ir. Abadi Purnomo, Dipl. Geotherm En. Tech. (Head of Indonesian Geothermal Association (API))
  5. Dr. Djedi S. Widarto (Chief of New Energy and Green Technology, Upstream Technology Center PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO))
  6. Julfi Hadi, M.Sc., Dipl. Geotherm En.Tech. (VP Exploration & Subsurface, Supreme Energy Ltd)
  7. Ali Ashat, ST., Dipl. Geotherm En. Tech. (Geothermal Consultant)
  8. Ir. Doddy Astra, M.Sc.,MBA. (Manager Geoscience GPO, Chevron Geothermal Indonesia Ltd.)
  9. lr. Antonius Resep Tyas Artono, MBA., Dipl.Geolherm. En.Tech (PT Indonesia Power)

The Board will have two main focuses of providing strategic advice or guidance on the direction of the project and to develop a .road map for future phases of this projects or new projects.

The established Board will meet regularly (at least once every two quarters) to review the project direction and provide advice and guidance to the project team

We expect with the advisory board that geothermal implementation in Indonesian will be improved and its education in Indonesia, specifically in ITB, will be more focused.