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Geothermal Forum – Sandy Kurniawan Suhardja, Ph.D.

Geothermal Forum – Sandy Kurniawan Suhardja, Ph.D.

Call for Geothermal Enthusiasts‼️

Geothermal ITB would like to invite you to our Geothermal Forum 2023🌋🌍

Delay Time Tomography is used for imaging the three-dimensional velocity structure of the subsurface for the P wave (Vp), S Wave (Vs), and ratio of Vp/Vs. The presence of a fluid phase or partial melting in the study area such as geothermal field can be indicated by the observation of velocity anomalous and ratio of Vp/Vs. so, How is delay time tomography applied in the geothermal field? Is it possible to delineate the reservoir system?

In this week’s Geothermal Forum, we will discuss about:
Title : Application of Delay Time Tomography and Q Tomography in Geothermal Study
Speaker : Sandy Kurniawan Suhardja, Ph.D.
Moderator : Fanzly Togap Zisochi Lase
Time : Friday, 1st September 2023. 13.30 to 15.30 (Jakarta Time)

📝Please note that this webinar will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. The webinar will be held hybrid at Exploration Room 2nd Energy Building, ITB and online via Zoom and Youtube

📝 Register through this link: https://geothermal.itb.ac.id/webinar-registration/

See you soon!👋

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