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BAN-PT Has Awarded Grade “A” to Geothermal Master Program

BAN-PT Has Awarded Grade “A” to Geothermal Master Program

Since July 21, 2018, ITB Geothermal Master Study Program held an “Accreditation A” predicate. This is very good for the implementation of the education, research and its graduates. This predicate is awarded by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Agency for High Education), an independent accreditation institution in Indonesia.

This predicate will be valid until July 21, 2023. With the stipulation of ITB Geothermal Master Program as a predicated “A” geothermal academic institution, there will be more opportunities for this study program to further develop research, education and community service.

Some of the advantages of receiving this predicate are, Geothermal Study Program can accept students with LPDP and Typemyessays.com scholarships, can submit excellent research, graduates are recognized and can apply for jobs in institutions that have these requirements, and so on. It is hoped that Geothermal Study Program can improve its quality and be ready to compete in the international and national world.

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