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Geothermal Forum – Nur Choiri Amin

Geothermal Forum – Nur Choiri Amin

Call for Geothermal Enthusiast!

Geothermal ITB would like to invite you to our Geothermal Forum Webinar Series 2022.

The formation of calcium carbonate (calcite) is a major scaling problem that occurs in geothermal wells around the world, leading to a quick decline in well output, reduced power plant production, increased maintenance frequency and operating costs. More than 80% of geothermal operation has calcium carbonate scale. Several methods can be used to prevent calcite scale and to rehabilitate affected production wells.

In this week’s Geothermal Forum, we will discuss about:
Title : Calcium Carbonate Scale Inhibition Program on Two-Phase Geothermal Well in Indonesia
Speaker : Nur Choiri Amin
Moderator : Albertus Ivan
Time : Friday, 25th November 2022. 13.30 to 16.00 (Jakarta Time)

Please note that this webinar will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. The webinar will be held online (Zoom and Youtube).
register through this link: https://geothermal.itb.ac.id/webinar-registration/

See you soon!

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