Session 1:
Moderated by Bapak Angga Bakti Pratama (Lecturer of ITB Geothermal Master Program). The speakers are:
– Mrs. Robin Zuza (Director of Global Exploration at Ormat Technologies, Inc) with the topic “Smart Business Strategy to Develop Low to Medium Enthalpy”,
– Pak Hariyanto (Head of Center for Mineral, Coal, and Geothermal Resources) with the topic “Center for Mineral, Coal, and Geothermal Resources – Government Drilling Update”.
Session 2:
Moderated by Bapak Alfend Rudyawan (Lecturer of ITB Geological Engineering). The speakers are:
– Mr. Roland N. Horne (Professor of Standford University) with the topic “Integrating Geothermal into a Large Renewable Electricity Portofolio”,
– Pak Roy Doroyni (Business Development Director SE-Asia & Australia, Technology Solution, Kellog Brown & Roat LLC) with the topic “Prospects of Geothermal in Green Ammonia Production”.
Session 3:
Moderated by Bapak Dimas Taha Maulana (Lecturer of ITB Geothermal Master Program). The speakers are:
– Mr. Andrew Fleming (Founder and CEO GeoX Energy Inc.) with the topic “GeoX’s Supercritical 10X Performance Geothermal”,
– Pak Graeme Beardsmore (Secretary of the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch of the International Geothermal Association (IGA-AWPRB)) with the topic “Hot Dry Rock System”.

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