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Hendra Grandis

Prof. Dr. Hendra Grandis

NIP: 19620905 198703 1 003

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1994 Doctor University of Paris, Paris, France,
1991 Master University of Paris, Paris, France,
1986 Bachelor Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia,
Dept. of Geophysics and Meteorology



  1. Relation of crustal and upper mantle deformation beneath Sunda-Banda Island Arc inferred from shear- (2019)
    Syuhada S., Puspito N.T., Anggono T., Hananto N.D., Grandis H., Yudistira T.
  2. Magnetotelluric (MT) data analysis and 2D modeling of the Kutai Basin, Indonesia: Preliminary result (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  3. Imaging the Geometry of Cimandiri Fault Zone Based on 2D Audio-Magnetotelluric (AMT) Model in Nyalin (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  4. Geoelectric Strike Analysis from Magnetotelluric (MT) Data Using Swift and Polar Diagram Methods (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  5. Adaptation of Zohdy s Method for Controlled-Source Audio-frequency Magnetotelluric (CSAMT) Data Inte (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  6. Binary Coded Genetic Algorithm (BCGA) with Multi-Point Cross-Over for Magnetotelluric (MT) 1D Data I (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  7. Analysis for Geoelectric Strike Direction of Magnetotelluric Data from a Geothermal Area (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  8. Bayesian Inversion for Layered Spherical Symmetric Earth Conductivity Model from Global Magnetic Dat (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  9. Magnetotelluric investigation for imaging the subsurface geoelectrical feature of the prospective Se (2019)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  10. Complex conductivity of volcanic rocks and the geophysical mapping of alteration in volcanoes (2018)
    Ghorbani A., Revil A., Coperey A., Soueid Ahmed A., Roque S., Heap M.J., Grandis H., Viveiros F.
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  12. Structure of the acid hydrothermal system of Papandayan volcano, Indonesia, investigated by geophysi (2018)
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  13. Comparison of particle swarm optimization, genetic, and dragonfly algorithm to invert vertical elect (2018)
    Ramadhani I., Sungkono S., Grandis H.
  14. Preface (2018)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.
  15. Ground magnetic survey for shallow iron ore prospecting (2018)
    Grandis H., Sumintadireja P.
  16. Magnetotelluric 1D inversion using grid-search and Monte Carlo methods (2018)
    Maulinadya S., Grandis H.
  17. A note on the use of the second vertical derivative (SVD) of gravity data with reference to Indonesi (2018)
    Sumintadireja P., Dahrin D., Grandis H.
  18. The Utility of Free Software for Gravity and Magnetic Advanced Data Processing (2017)
    Grandis H., Dahrin D.
  19. Improved Pseudo-section Representation for CSAMT Data in Geothermal Exploration (2017)
    Grandis H., Sumintadireja P.
  20. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for Magnetotelluric (MT) 1D Inversion Modeling (2017)
    Grandis H., Maulana Y.
  21. Magnetotelluric (MT) data smoothing based on B-Spline algorithm and qualitative spectral analysis (2017)
    Handyarso A., Grandis H.
  22. Hydrothermal system of the Papandayan Volcano from temperature, self-potential (SP) and geochemical (2017)
    Byrdina S., Revil A., Gunawan H., Saing U.B., Grandis H.
  23. Three-dimensional gravity inverse modeling for basement depth estimation integrating maximum differe (2017)
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  24. Thin-sheet electromagnetic modeling of magnetovariational data for a regional-scale study Geomagneti (2015)
    Grandis H., Menvielle M.
  25. Quasi-2D resistivity model from inversion of vertical electrical sounding (VES) data using guided ra (2015)
    Irawan D., Grandis H., Sumintadireja P.
  26. Constrained two-dimensional inversion of gravity data (2014)
    Grandis H., Dahrin D.
  27. Multi-dimensional inversion modeling of surface nuclear magnetic resonance (SNMR) data for groundwat (2014)
    Warsa, Grandis H., Parnadi W.W., Santoso D.
  28. Full tensor gradient of simulated gravity data for prospect scale delineation (2014)
    Grandis H., Dahrin D.
  29. Simulation of 3D gravity anomaly of thin coal layer in sedimentary environment and its delineation (2014)
    Grandis H.
  30. Three-dimensional inversion of Magnetic Resonance Sounding (MRS) for groundwater detection (2014)
    Warsa W., Grandis H., Parnadi W.W., Santoso D.
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  36. An alternative algorithm for one-dimensional magnetotelluric response calculation (1999)
    Grandis H.
  37. Magnetotelluric observations over the Rhine Graben, France: a simple impedance tensor analysis helps (1992)
    Hendra Grandis , et al.