ninikEducational Background:
Dr.Eng. in Geothermics, 2007, Kyushu University - Japan
M.Sc in Mineral Resources Exploration & Evaluation, 2003, ITC The Netherlands
Post Graduate Diploma in Geothermal Energy Technology, 1999, Auckland University, New Zealand,
Sarjana Teknik In Geology, 1996, ITB-Indonesia


Modeling Geothermal System, Geothermics and Heat Flow, Exploration of Geothermal and Mineral

Teaching Experiences
Undergraduate Academic Courses

  • (GL3291) English Referat (2009 - now)
  • (GL4042) Geology Geothermal (2008 - now)
  • (GL....) Exploration Geophysics (2008 - now)

Graduate Academic Courses

  • (PB5001) Geothermal System and Technology (2008 - now)
  • (PB5002) Volcanology and Geothermal System (2008 - now)
  • (PB5003) Exploration Geology for Geothermal (2008 - now)

Short courses /Trainings /Workshops (the past three years)

  • Hidrogeologi daerah Panasbumi, PUSDIKLAT GEOLOGI Bandung, 2008
  • Introduction to Geothermal System and Technology, PPPM ITB - STAR ENERGY
  • The use of geothermal geochemistry in exploration and reservoir assessment, Jayakarta Hotel Bandung (Fiqry Jaya Manunggal), July 2009

Research/Project Experiences (the past three years):

2009 - Kamojang Numerical Simulation (LAPI-PGE)
- Wayang Windu Numerical Simulation (LAPI-STAR ENERGY)
2008 - Targeting, Designing, and Reconstructing of Geothermal Exploration/Delineation Well, in accordance with the acceleration of geothermal development in Sulawesi (GADA ENERGY – ESDM MINERBAPABUM)
- Geothermal Development of Frontier Area (Flores-Alor) (LAPI-ESDM MINERBAPABUM)
- Portfolio of KKKS and Oil and Gas Sedimentary Basin of Indonesia (LAPI-BPMIGAS)
2007 Heat flow and Thermal Modeling of Western Java (Kyushu University)

Research Division on Applied Geology
Engineering Geology Study Program Lab Tek IV lt. 1
Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132
Phone/Fax : +62-22-2511159 or +62-81392301388

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