Course Syllabus and Schedules

Course Syllabus

PB5001 Geothermal System and Technology
PB5002 Volcanology and Geothermal System
PB5003 Exploration of Geology Geothermal
PB5004 Environmental Assesment of Geothermal Development
PB5005 Heat and Mass Transfer
PB5006 Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
PB5007 Geochemical Exploration for Geothermal
PB5008 Geophysical Exploration for Geothermal
PB5009 Management and Economics of Geothermal
PB5010 Drilling Plan and Operation
PB5011 Geothermal Production Engineering
PB5012 Geothermal Utilisation
PB5013 Research Methodology
PB6013 Evaluation of Geothermal Prospect
PB6014 Technology in Geoscience Geothermal
PB6015 Geothermal Reservoir Management
PB6016 Geochemistry of Geothermal Gas
PB6017 Geothermal Reservoir Simulation
PB6018 Flow Modelling in Wells and Pipes
PB6019 Geothermal Power Plant
PB6020 Direct Use of Geothermal Energy
PB6021 Hydrothermal Alteration
PB6022 Special Topic on Geothermal
PB6023 Geothermal Production Geochemistry
PB6024 Non Conventional Geothermal System
PB6025 Remote Sensing for Geothermal
PB6099 Thesis

Course Schedules Semester I / 2014-2015

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
08.00-09.00 PB5001* PB5002* PB5001** PLC Class - Jakarta
09.00-10.00 PB5001 PB5002 Engineering Discussion (PB6099)*** Tutorial PB5001 (asistant)** PB5003* PB6020** PLC Class - Jakarta
10.00-11.00 PB6009** PB5013* Engineering Discussion (PB6099) Geothermal Forum / Guest Lecture* PB5003 PB6020 PLC Class - Jakarta PB6009 PB5013 Engineering Discussion (PB6099) Geothermal Forum / Guest Lecture PB5003 PLC Class - Jakarta
12.00-13.00 PB5013 PB6013* PB5005** PB5006** PB6025* PLC Class - Jakarta PLC Class - Jakarta
14.00-15.00 PB6013 PB5005 PB5006 PB6025 PB6019** PLC Class - Jakarta PLC Class - Jakarta
15.00-16.00 PB6013 PB5006 PB6019 PLC Class - Jakarta
16.00-17.00 PLC Class - Jakarta
17.00-18.00 PLC Class - Jakarta
18.00-19.00 PLC Class - Jakarta
Note: * Lab. Eksplorasi, ** Ruang Image, *** Lab. Rekayasa
  • PB5001 Dr. Suryantini, Dr. Nenny Saptadji
  • PB5002 Dr. Suryantini
  • PB5003 Dr. Prihadi Sumintadiredja
  • PB5005 Dr. Abdurrachim
  • PB5006 Dr. Sutopo
  • PB5013 Dr. Hendra Grandis
  • PB6013 Dr. Suryantini, Dr. Nenny Saptadji
  • PB6019 Dr. Prihadi S. Darmanto
  • PB6020 Dr. Jooned Hendrasakti
  • PB6025 Dr. Asep Saepuloh

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