Welcome to 2nd Day of ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2021 Webinar , organized by the Geothermal Engineering Masters Study Program, Bandung Institute of Technology.

Moderated by Dimas Taha Maulana (Lecturer in Geothermal Master’s Program ITB) and Alfend Rudyawan (Lecturer in Geology Program, ITB), the second day will talk about Data Science – Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Technology in Geothermal. The speakers are :
– Jantiur Situmorang (as CEO of AILIMA), with the topic of “Artificial Intelligence for Geothermal”
– Remi Harimanda (as Director of Ormat Geothermal Indonesia), with the topic of “Binary Technology for Medium-Low Enthalpy Geothermal Resource Utilization and Hybrid Technology Geothermal and Solar PV”
– Eko Budi Lelono (as Head of Geological Agency Republic of Indonesia), with the topic of “Exploration Government Drilling”

– Shakiru Idrissa Kajungus (as Director Business Development of TGDC), with the topic of “Update Geothermal Exploration and Development in Tanzania”
– Dicky Fahnudi and Paul Hulztsch (as General Manager of Digital and Integration from Schlumberger), with the topic of “Fracture Characterization for Optimum Well Placement”

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