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18 Magnetotellurics Survey Design and its Implication to Geothermal Exploration. Case Study: Geothermal Area “X” Riki Irfan -- UI Exploration
26 Study of Groundwater Quality in Area of Geothermal Manifestations and Potential Impacts of Water Use on Environment and Public Health Aspect: Case Study of Dhiwak Village, Klepu, Semarang Regency Sinatrya Diko Prayudi -- UNDIP Environment
27 Identification Potential and Geothermal System of West Mandala, Central Sulawesi Region for Diversification of Future Energy Amran, Chairul Umam, Ariel Afrandi Tatawu -- AKPRIND Exploration
36 Geology and Geochemistry of Surian Geothermal System, West Sumatra Aulia Bunga Arini -- UNDIP Exploration
38 The Impact of Semangko Fault on Geothermal Potential in Bonjol Region, Pasaman Regency, West Sumatera Khairul Fajri -- UNPAD Exploration
41 Hydrothermal Manifestation Identification and Smectite Clays Analysis Using the Methylene-Blue (MeB) Method in Namora-I-Langit Geothermal Field Josua Washington Sihotang -- UNPAD Exploration
44 Integrated Research for Geothermal Prospect Zone of Lawu Mountain Based on Geothermal Manifestation, Rock Alteration, Geochemical Analysis of Fluid, Fault Fracture Density and Magnetotelluric Data Nindyan Agna Ramadhan -- IndoGeo Social Enterprise Exploration
47 Direct Utilization Prospect of Geothermal Energy in Indonesia Geothermal Fields Untung Sumotarto -- Universitas Trisakti Direct Use
52 Tectonic Control to Geothermal Manifestation on Non-Related Young Volcanic Setting in Sumenep-Madura, East Java Topan Ramadhan -- AKPRIND Exploration
58 Custom-Social-Culture (CSC) Integration Through Action Research Approach to Giving Education to The Communities as Efforts to Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia Riksa Thabrani -- UNDIP Social Economic
60 Seismic Hazard Analysis Using Probabilistic Methods to Support HSE on Geothermal Exploration Activity in The Region of Papua Kathana Didin Fakhrudin -- UPNV Yogyakarta Environment
68 Geothermal Prospect Determination of Mount Kramat by Using Geological And Geochemical Methods Wisnu Harimurti -- UPNV Yogyakarta Exploration
73 Identification of Geothermal System Using Integrated Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry Data in Gedongsongo, Ungaran, Central Java Baharuddin Fahmi -- UPNV Yogyakarta Exploration
75 Investigation of Geothermal Potential With Geological and Geochemical Methods in Sipoholon, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Nabilah Afifah Habni Harahap -- UNDIP Exploration
87 An Overview of Hidden Geothermal System Exploration Using Geophysical Methods Puspita Dian Maghfira -- UGM Exploration
90 Innovation of Silica Deposition Conversion into Silicon Abdul Ghofur -- Institute of Energy and Mineral Engineering
91 Effectiveness of Fault and Fracture Density (FFD) Method in Geothermal Study in Kalimantan, Indonesia: Case Study of Sebakis, Semolon, and Mengkuasar Geothermal Area in North Kalimantan Rifqi A. Sentosa et al. -- UNPAD Exploration
93 Analysis Tracer Flow Test by Measure Chloride Contains of Brine Flow Clinton Sihombing -- Institute of Energy and Mineral Engineering
94 Identify 2 Phase Reservoir Well Performance and Maintain with Integrated Geothermal Combined Cycle Power Plant (IGCCPP) Arbima Busro -- Medco Geothermal Sarulla Engineering
99 Fluid Evolution of Umbul-Telomoyo Geothermal System in Central Java, Based on Ctl-1 And Ctl-2 Well Hiskia Ulinuha Annisa -- ITB Exploration
103 Application of Self-Potential, Electrical Resistivity, and Induced Polarization for Hydrothermal Identification in Songgoriti, Batu Anggi Arwin Pratama -- ITS Exploration
105 Integration Analysis of Geological Structure, Volcanic Materials and Surface Manifestation Using Optical and Remote Sensing in Salak Geothermal Field Muhammad Shofi Hidayatullah -- UNPAD Exploration
106 Investigation of Ungaran’s Schematic Geothermal System Based on the Geophysical Study Naufal Zuhdi Mahmuda -- UPNV Yogyakarta Exploration
109 The Importance of Setting Depth for Casing in Geothermal Wega Maulana -- UPNV Yogyakarta Engineering
112 Conceptual Model of Great Sumatran Fault Geothermal System, Indonesia: Based on Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Data After Pasaribu -- ITS Exploration
116 The Determination of Geothermal System Based on the Characteristics of Geochemistry Water of Rajabasa Mountain and Its Surrounding Area Muhammad Hafiz Prasetyo -- Universitas Sriwijaya Exploration
118 Study of Static Shift Correction for Magnetotelluric (MT) Data using Averaging and Cokriging Methods upon 3-Dimensional Forward Model of Geothermal Field Yunus Daud -- UI Exploration
119 Comparison between Magnetotelluric Short-Sounding and Full-Sounding Data during High Sunspot Activity Cycle Yunus Daud -- UI Exploration
122 Two-Dimensional Gravity Inversion Constrained by MT Data for Delineating The Subsurface Structure Controlling Geothermal System Mohamad Lutfi Ismail et al. -- Physics Department, Universitas Indonesia Exploration
124 Three-Dimensional Gravity Forward Modeling using GRAV3DX By Newquest Geotechnology Yunus Daud -- UI Exploration
138 Geophysical Exploration for Geothermal Resources : An Aplication of MCT Method for Identification Geothermal System and Role for Prospecting in Geothermal Exploration EM.Rifqi Wilda Pradana -- UPNV Yogyakarta Exploration
147 Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Environmental Impact Assessment of Geothermal Power Generation (Case Study: Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu, Ltd) Rina Annisa -- ITB Environment
148 Life Cycle Inventory of Geothermal Power Generation (Case Study: Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu, Ltd) Rina Annisa -- ITB Engineering
170 Application of Tracer Study for Injection in Hot Dry Rock System and Enhanced Geothermal System Teguh Rahat Prabowo -- Geothermal, ITB Engineering
178 The Study of Rock Element Composition of Warm and Streaming Ground Geothermal Manifestation in Lahendong North Sulawesi Cyrke A.N. Bujung and Donny R. Wenas -- UNIMA Exploration

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