Field Camp

This year, the geothermal field camp will be exercised in the incredible geological settings and features of Tangkuban Perahu Volcano its surrounding areas (Domas Crater and Ratu Crater).

Domas Crater Domas Crater at Tangkuban Perahu VolcanoDomas Crater at Tangkuban Perahu Volcano (Courtesy of Suryantini, 2015)

We will accept up to 15 applications until all the positions are filled. This geothermal field camp is intended for students, engineers, scientists, academicians or any other person/parties who are interested in geothermal exploration.  


In particular, the goal of geothermal field camp is to provide participants with basic knowledge and practical field techniques of geothermal exploration. These skills would be complemented by basic data collection, sampling and theoretical data analysis that is fundamental for any interpretation and assessment of reservoir potential.

All exercises will be completed in Domas Crater and Ratu Crater, in which these fields allow the integration of field based structural geological analysis, observation and sampling of geothermal manifestations as hot springs and sinters and also ultimately of structural geology and surface geochemistry. This program introduces basic methods used in exploration geology to study both, fault and fracture systems and fluid chemistry to give a better understanding of the selective fluid flow along certain fractures and faults. Field geology covered the systematic measurement of faults and fractures, fault plane and fracture population analysis. In addition, field hydro-geochemistry focused on sampling techniques and field measurements onsite.

Transportation & Accommodation

We will provide participants with vans for mobilization purposes. Participants will not drive their own vehicles to and from camp locations. The provided vans will depart from Bandung on March 23rd evening to stay overnight at the geothermal campus located in Lembang (± 45 km from Bandung) soon after the workshop closing ceremony. The field camp participants will return to Bandung on March 24th evening. 


The field camp courses are taught by Dr. Eng. Suryantini and graduate students of the ITB Geothermal Magister Degree Program.


Excursion and itinerary are subject to change. Please contact the Organizing Committee for further details. The course fee normally includes:

  • Field Camp will depart with a minimum application of 10 persons
  • Field Camp and transfer itinerary with air-conditioned vehicle (vans)
  • Breakfast, Meals, Lunch and AM/PM snacks
  • Teaching Materials

Download Field Camp flyer: Field Camp flyer


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