The New Era: Initiatives, Strategies, Opportunities,
and Challenges toward Geothermal Development in Indonesia

Words from participants

Alhamdulillah, acara IIGW ke 5 sukses. Lanjutkan!!!!!!!

Selamat atas pelaksanaan the 5th Int'l ITB Geothermal Workshop dan acara resepsi ulang tahun ke 5 yg sangat meriah dan ceria. Kualitas workshopnya tidak kalah dgn Stanford Univ. Geothermal Workshop yg sdh menginjak tahun ke 41 tahun ini.

Sangat profesional, mulai dari Website yg informatif hingga penyelenggaraannya

I have really Loved the way the committee organized everything from the pre-workshops, main workshops and the exhibition not forgetting the hospitality of the people of Bandung. Everything was good the way it was just meant to be. I would like to pass my gratitude to all the organizers especially the Geothermal masters students and the committed Organizing committee members of the ITB International workshop.

I enjoyed the format of the workshop which struck a good balance between plenary sessions and parallel sessions. The enthusiasm of all the students was fun.

I would like to thank you for the geothermal workshop that you organized with your team. It was very professionally done, from the website to the end!


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