Training Seismic Methods in Geothermal Exploration

Duration: 5 (five) days course


  1. Prof. Dr. Sri Widiyantoro (BSc: ITB, M.Sc: Kyoto Univ, Dr: ANU-Australia)
  2. Dr. Fatkhan (BSc: ITB, MT: ITB, PostGrad Diplom Geoth: Auckland, Dr: Curtin)
  3. Dr. Mohammad Rachmat Sule (BSc: ITB, MT: ITB, Dr: Karlsruhe)

Course details:
Day Subject
1 Introduction & Rock Physics
  • Importances of geophysical methods, especially seismic methods in geothermal exploration and monitoring
  • Types of seismic methods used in Geothermal exploration
  • Rock Physics
    • Types of geophysical anomalies
    • Geophysical Rock Parameters: density, thermal constant, magnetisation of rocks, resistivity of rocks, seismic elastic parameters, porosity, permeability, etc.
    • Anisotropy of Rocks: definition, causes, anisotropy parameters
  • Tutorial
2 Propagation of seismic waves
  • Review of wave theory: Hooke's Law, Equation of motion, Wave equation, Eikonal equation
  • Source mechanism
  • Building sufsurface models
  • Seismic events: reflection, transmission, converted waves, head waves, surface waves.
  • Snapshots
  • Synthetic Seismograms
  • Ray tracing
  • Tutorial
3 Seismic Tomographic Method I: Global and regional scales
  • Earthquake as seismic source
  • Acquisition
  • Inversion of Travel Time
  • Linear vs Non-Linear problems
  • Estimation of starting model
  • Tomograms
  • Resolution tests
  • Global and regional case studies
  • Tutorial
4 Seismic Tomographic Method II: Crosshole seismic tomography
  • Artificial seismic sources
  • Acquisition, incl. type of instrumentation
  • Review of Inversion of Travel Time, estimation of starting model, resolution tests
  • Tomograms
  • Downhole seismic method
  • Several case studies
  • Tutorial
5 Introduction to Microearthquake/Microseismic Method
  • Occurences of microearthquake
  • Determination of seismic sources
  • Acquisition, incl. type of instrumentation
  • Mapping of hypocenters
  • Mapping of Fracture system
  • Determination of velocity models and other physical parameters
  • Some case studies
  • Tutorial