Training Preparation of Geothermal Project Proposal

Duration: 5 (five) days course


  1. Ir. Nenny Miryani Saptadji, PhD (Ir: ITB, PhD: Univ. Auckland)
  2. Agus Danar, BE, SE, MM
  3. Ir. Ali Ashat (Ir: ITB, Dipl.Geotherm En.Tech: Geothermal Institute, Univ. of Auckland)

Course information: The course aim to provide groundwork for those involved in the preparation of geothermal project proposal. Topic covers: Outline of Technical Proposal, Market Analysis, Geothermal Regulation, Resource Assesment, Project Planning, Cost Studies and Modelling, Cashflow projection, Profitability Indicators and Sensitivity Analysis and Price Proposal.