ITB Visit to Bergen city, Norway

In August 14-15, 2014, a research team consists of staffs from Magister Program in Geothermal and Mining Department ITB has visited CMR (Christian Michelsen Research) Office in Bergen city, Norway. The team was tasked to initiate geothermal research collaboration between Norway and Indonesia.

ITB Visit Bergen City, Norway

Collaboration program between Norway and Indonesia will be focused on opportunities for Indonesian students to study Doctoral degree in Norway. This program will be financed by Norway Embassy in Indonesia. This program also enable collaboration between Indonesian and Norwegian researchers to share and exchange scientific knowledge in workshops and seminars, either held in Indonesia or Norway.

While everyone agrees that it is time to convert into renewable energy, investments in renewable energy need to be accelerated. Human resource investment is an important part of this activity. We need new approaches, skillful and trained workers, new technology, and established research teams. Those investments serve as initial capital to build and develop geothermal industries in Indonesia and create innovations through intensive research in renewable energy development.

Indonesia has been utilizing geothermal energy, mostly for electricity. However, even the installed capacity is relatively low compared to the overall resource potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia. This poses the need to learn technology and experiences from other countries, such as Norway, in optimizing the geothermal energy utilization.

Norway has used the geothermal energy for room heating and cooling. Norway is also one of the frontier countries for advanced gas and oil drilling technology. Kirsti Midttømme, a senior Norwegian geologist from Christian Michelsen Research stated “This is all about extracting earth resources from the subsurface, potential identification, and knowing how it could be done”. Therefore, this is the right moment for partnership between Indonesian and Norwegian geothermal scientific community.

ITB Visit Norway