A Geothermal Education Joint Programme between Magister Program in Geothermal Technology of ITB and the University of Auckland as Pioneer Program for PERTAMINA CORPORATE UNIVERSITY

Indonesia State-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina launched Corporate University on December 7, 2012. This university is meant to increase the quality and competency of human resources which can keep in race with company business.


As the beginning of this research and education system, the first program to be launched is called “A joint programme leading to the award of a PG Certification from the University of Auckland and a Masters Degree from ITB”. This program allows Pertamina staffs, as the participant of this program, to study Geothermal at Master Degree Level from magister Program in Geothermal Technology of ITB for four semester while during academic break, the participant continue the study to visit some geothermal fields in New Zealand and additional class room lecture under management of University of Auckland.

“We are glad to serve as Pioneer Program for this Corporate University” Said Ir. Nenny Saptadji Ph.D as the Head of Geothermal Master Program of ITB. “It seems like we were starting the new history of geothermal education in Indonesia and in the World”, she continued. The Coordinator for this collaboration is Ir. Niniek Rina Herdianita Ph.D, which is also the alumni from University of Auckland attended the Launching of Pertamina Corporate University at Pertamina Learning Center, Jakarta on December 7, 2012. She accompanied the Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Technology (FTTM) of ITB, Prof. Sri Widiyantoro, M.Sc., Ph.D. who give general lecture on geothermal topic during this occasion.