Geothermal Capacity Building Programme (GEOCAP) Indonesia - Netherlands

Geothermal Capacity Building Programme (GEOCAP) is an international collaboration between Indonesian and Dutch entities with the goal to develop intimately linked geothermal programmes for education and training, research and subsurface databases.


On 14 October 2011 the National Development Agency of Indonesia (BAPPENAS) through its Directorate for Energy, Mineral Resources, and Mining issued a programme for 'proposed technical assistance' aimed at establishing a National Geothermal Capacity Building programme (NGCBP). The Geothermal Capacity Building Programme - Indonesia-Netherlands (GEOCAP) is a bi-lateral initiative between entities from Indonesia and the Netherlands, that is seen as a contribution to the NGCBP. The programme is led by a Consortium that takes the form of a Public-Private-Partnership and included universities, knowledge institutes and geothermal companies on both sides, that jointly hold all required knowledge and expertise to execute the programme.

The objective of the programme is to increase the capacity of Indonesia's ministries, local government agencies, public and private companies and knowledge institutions in developing, exploring and utilizing geothermal energy resources, and to assess and monitor its impact on the economy and environment.



  • University of Twente - Faculty ITC (UT-ITC)
  • Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA/API)


  • IF Technology
  • DNV-GL Energy
  • Well Engineering Partners (WEP)


  • Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
  • Delft Technical University (TUDelft)
  • University of Indonesia (UI)
  • Gadjah Mada University (UGM)
  • University of Twente - Faculty ITC (UT-ITC)
  • Utrecht University (UU)

Knowledge Institutes:

  • TNO - Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research

Download Geocap flyer (PDF 10 MB)
For more information visit the GEOCAP website.