Geocap (WP 3.0) Sweden visit : Discussion on Geothermal Waste Heat Utilization

ITB team made a visit to Sweden on September 12-14, 2016, to look and learn about one of the products in the form of plug and play module which can convert energy from hot water to electricity. Similar to binary modules developed by other parties, the module uses waste heat energy in the form of steam or water. The temperature design for hot fluids range is 70-120oC and for cold water is 0-50oC. The value of engine efficiency exceeds 14%. Meanwhile the dimension of the engine is quite compact, only 2x2 m. One of the modules is used on the Viking ship which utilizes sea water as a cooling source. This module was installed in Q2 of 2015 with the capacity to produce 150 kWe. The components of the module consist of turbine, generator, condenser, heat exchangers, flow meters, piping system, and control system. The module has the flexibility to be installed either parallel or series to produce greater power (more than 150 kWe) in accordance with customer needs.
During this opportunity, aside knowledge transfer from Climeon, ITB also presented information on ITB geothermal master program and overview of geothermal energy in Indonesia. This meeting, in September 2016, was considered very beneficial for both parties, with hopes the cooperation will advance in the future.

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