The 1st Geothermal Forum in 2013 and Geothermal Study Program Advisory Board Meeting

Geothermal forum; the bi-weekly geothermal event organized by Geothermal Study Program FTTM-ITB, was held as the first time in 2013 on Thursday, January 31 in Total Room, Petroleum Building. This even is held regularly as an occasion for student and professional to share knowledge and idea. The speaker mostly are coming geothermal industry, government institution or overseas institution. At this time, this first event was held, joint with Geothermal Study Program Advisory Board Meeting. Thus all speaker are advisory board members. Among them are Dr.Ir. R Sukhyar, the head of advisory board and head of Geological Agency, Dr.Ir. Herman Darnel Ibrahim of National Energy Agency , also member of International Geothermal Association Board, Ir. Abadi Poernomo Dipl Geothermal EnTech, the Chairman of Indonesian Geothermal Association (API) and Ir. Ali Ashat Dipl Geothermal EnTech from independent consultant.

This first forum discusses about Indonesia Country Update and Job Opportunity for the graduate candidate, academic planning including ITB Geothermal Workshop 2013 and many other issues.

Advisory Board