Geothermal Resources Council 2014 in Portland, ITB Staff presentation

On September 28 – October 1, 2014 GRC Annual Meeting and GEA Expo was held in Portland, Oregon, U.S. by Geothermal Resources Council. In that event there are more 100 company involved and opened a booth in GRC and GEA Expo. In order to succeed a program entitled “U.S. – Indonesian Geothermal Education Capacity Building” (IGECB), University of Southern California (USC) together with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) took part and opened a join booth in that event. USC and ITB team were led by Dr. Fred Aminzadeh and Dr. Nenny Miryani Saptadji. ITB team had 2 goals when opening a join booth with USC, which are the first to gave information to international geothermal society specifically to U.S. citizen about success story of IGECB program that has been running since 2012 and latest development of Indonesia geothermal industry and the second to discussed with USC about continuity of IGECB program.

Member of Indonesian team in U.S. – Indonesia program that went to Portland, Oregon consist of 6 people: Dr. Nenny Miryani Sapdtadji, Dr. Suryantini, Nurita Putri and Agastyo Nugroho (ITB), Ir. Sanusi Satar and Ir. Abadi Poernomo (Star Energy and INAGA). ITB team stayed in Convention Inn Hotel Portland, Oregon for 6 days from September 26 until October 2, 2014.

On September 26, ITB team arrived in Portland at 7.30 pm. On September 27, ITB team went to Portland tourism centre to get various information about Portland city. Series of GRC event were started from 26th September to 1st October. One member of ITB team, Dr. Suryantini followed GRC field trip to Mount St. Helens Volcano on the 3rd day in that series of event. The main event was opened on 29th September by Alex Sifford, chairman of the Annual Meeting Committee. After opening session ended, the first technical sessions took place in the afternoon. In 1st technical sessions, Dr. Suryantini was invited by GRC committee to present a paper about “Indonesia Geothermal Potential; Status in 2014 and Opportunities for Medium-Low-Enthalpy Resources Development” in “Updates on International Geothermal Development Session”.

Suryantini presentation

The second (2nd) technical sessions continued on September 30. There are several topics presented in the morning technical sessions, such as drilling, finance/economics, plant designs, direct use/heat pump, business development, plant turbine, international, regulatory/policy/environmental, special session. In the afternoon technical sessions, topics offered were power solar, resource assessment, EGS, power cycle, reservoir engineering. There was also 50 poster sessions that presented in the afternoon sessions in exhibit hall. In the same day during break time between morning and afternoon sessions, all member of Indonesian team had a meeting with USC team about continuity of IGECB program. The conclusion of the meeting was USC along with ITB agreed to continue the program until 2015.

Indonesian team together with USC team take photo in front of join booth

In the 30th September evening, Indonesian team were invited by Fuji Electric Company to welcome party in Hilton tower. On the last day, 1st October technical sessions were continued with 5 topics, which are instrumentation, Nevada, EGS, regulatory/environmental/policy, basin & range. GRC and GEA event was closed after awards given to photo contest and best presenter winner and to several figures in geothermal community.